a soul vaporizes into a bleeding mist leaving traces of its essence
A Passing In Time © 2011

In the embodiment of my soul lies the true faith of my spirituality. My writings, cinematography and artistic expressions bring forth visual and physical aspirations which I pray will leave a yearning impression upon the world itself.

I began writing when I was 6 yrs old; drawing when I was 10. Over the years the enhancements of my skills have spilled over into a new world of fantasias. Even today, I am still finding new ways to convey my desires. I am by no means a professional; but do take careful aim in reaching for the highest manner of idiom.

Fallen between fantasy and reality; at times not knowing which I truly inhabit; I find vivid beauty in both. Whether I am digitally crafting art, scribing, or seeing through the lens of my camera I find my inner muse quivers with anticipation when my eye captures God’s miraculous, creative hands.

Love, Beauty and Truth . . . . The three elements that should always be integrated in ones life. Seek, find, and fulfill with the grace of God and his blessings.
Flowers and Kingdoms

all that is living I hold in my hand,
flowers and kingdoms,
mountain and sand,
mine is the shaping,
merriment making,
I am the yes in the silence of no,
do not deny me,
I am your savior,
I am your picture,
I am your mirror,
I am your laughter,
I am your I.

© 2011.

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Have a Blessed Day!

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