She lies there in her bed, shaking from the unknown. Staring out her
window, she feels she can't sleep. Three days have past and her mind
is left in a world of blankness.

Before she knows it, she finally drifts off in the unknown. A wonder
in her own mind she does dream. Left alone in this cold room to shiver
under her own skin.

She wakes and up off the bed she gets, walks into the kitchen where only
one light is lit. She pulls out a knife, with tears streaming down her face.

The flesh on her left wrist now being ripped open, she awakes from her
dream. Only to realize, she stands in the kitchen with a knife in her
right hand and blood gushing from her left wrist.

She cries in horror and goes to reach for the phone. But she's lost too
much blood and her mind falls blank as she falls on the floor. The
only words she can hear echoing out of her mouth, with a slight whisper is,
"I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it."


© June 7 2001

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