In the meadows where faeries play,
lies a circle of primordial stones,
Friendship, honesty and trust seizes
the adoration of their spirits together.

Once a year they come together,
for the ‘Festival of Faeries,’
to celebrate ‘Sisterhood.’

They sprinkle their faery dust-
on the stones to cast the ritual of oneness.

With their wings humming
and their mystical voices singing,
the melodious glory rises through the mist.

As the rain drizzles cleansing
all of their qualms and self doubt
they turn to one another smiling in unison.

Red, white and clear wine
filling their goblets of intricate silver
as they dance gaily around the fire.

Tales of their precedent childhoods,
rebellious teenage years to the present era.

They converse of their triumphs and trials,
their sad nesses and their contentment’s,
Holding in each spirit filled treasure;
a true keenness deeply felt for the other.

From Galaxy to Galaxy,
Constellation to Constellation,
a strong connection is held to form the union
‘Sisters of the Goldenmoon.’

Fly through the hour of darkness
to come and see true ‘Sisterhood’
and see the light of a magical realm,
that gleams through the ‘Goldenmoon.’

© February 24 2009

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