On the 11th day of September, 2001 many lives were lost, yet, many were saved. God stretched out his hands in Hope's Prayer to bring America together. HE gave us the strength to have hope and faith within each other and ourselves. Although, fate seemed to be cruel in this tragic time, HE was and will always be here for us. 

America's people will never be normal, in a sense. Our children do not understand the reason(s) for so many lives lost and are scared. We must protect not only ourselves; but also the future of America, for the sake of our children. We must teach them not to be racist or to hate; but teach them that there will always be good and bad in this world of ours. The bad does not go unpunished and the good unnoticed. We must show them the strength of America and how we can come together not only in tragic times; but also in our every day lives.

Our Eagle cries to see such sadness, pain, and so much unnecessary turmoil. It flies high and soars the sky with its head held high, proud of America's good history and saddened by its bad. It, too, prays for the safety and peace of America. Let our Eagle fly proudly into our hearts and teach us unselfish ways and protect the people of America. For with selfish acts and cruel intetions on innocent people our world dies a little each day.

Let Hope's Prayer lead us into a future of peace and harmony. A future to where not only ourselves can be safe and feel at peace; but also our children. Let Hope's Prayer soar high within our beautiful Eagle and our beautiful hearts.

© October 6 2001


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