For the first time in her life, she felt everything was going well. The love of her life, she
had now found and a friendship that was very unique. She found herself in a situation she
shouldn't be in, but continued to grow with them both.

One day, she found herself driving to see one of them and didn't foresee what would happen.
Her love for him had grown over time and she could not wait to be with him. When she
finally met him her heart melted even more. She found herself in love with a man she could
never truly have, for you see he was married and she was with someone else.

As the time passed while they were together, they drew closer and knew that they could
no longer hold out. They made love every day they were together. A magical time for them
both. A memory they know they would share forever, but would not continue.

After she had left, she traveled to see her true love. Everything seemed so perfect, but was
it? He found out that she had went and saw someone else, but did not know of what had
happened between them. They fought and he left the motel room she was staying in. Not
knowing when or if he'd be back, she cried uncontrollably and could not bear to live without
ither one of them. She knew she had betrayed her true love before they could meet and decided
it was best if she no longer existed.

In the bathroom her tears flooded the sink, as she put a razor to her left wrist and sliced
through the main artery. Blood gushed out as she continued to cry. Repeating to herself,
"I'm in his world now."

Her true love came back and saw a note on her suitcase. Before he could read it he heard
something drop in the bathroom. She was lying in a pool of blood and her life had weakened
so dramatically that the razor in her right hand had fallen on the floor.

He shoved the note in his pocket and picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. While
in the waiting room, pacing back and forth he pulled the note from his pocket, but before he
could read it, a doctor came up to him, so he shoved it back in.

"I don't know if she's going to make it," he said, "she's lost a lot of blood." Her true love
once again broke into tears and asked to see her. He walked into the room and saw her wrist
bandaged and all the wires attached to her.

He sat beside her and held her hand. Raised it to his lips and whispered, "Why?" In her
weak state the only words she could mumble were, "I'm in his world now." He did not know
what it meant, but pulled the note out again, and this time was able to read it. The note read:

"My dearest love, I cannot forgive myself for what I have done, I cannot bear to live
without ither one of you. Please, tell him that I love him, that he brought so much light
to my life, so much love and compassion. He gave me more than I ever needed within our
friendship. But, my love, when I watched you walk out the door, my mind snapped and I
could not be no more. My love for you was greater than any other and when I betrayed your
trust, your love for me, when I betrayed you. I could not let you see the shame in my eyes,
I could not bear to see the hurt in yours. For you, my love, were my only true love. But,
baby, I'm in his world now."

And at that moment he looked up, saw her lips quiver and heard the sound of the heart monitor
make a long flat beep.

© June 5 2001 

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