Love such a wonderful sensation
So festive and supremely filled
Leaving traces of such enjoyment
Stars and moon a dancing display
Pulse hastening within each breath
Kisses embrace toward perpetuity.

A spirit so breakable and cheerless
No matter the moment and situate
I just cannot get anything correct
It was I who wanted it so much
Too much I tried in vain
Only to fail in desperation.

[frantic ]
Why? Why? I don't understand
How could I not plainly see?
So close, so far, so misunderstood
How stupid could one be?
To want to be loved is all I want
In the darkness I find myself.

I don't know where I am anymore
I can't see the light through the mist
In a world I no longer know
Does it truly matter anymore?
To stay in the corner of such darkness
To only watch the world slowly drift by.

I have finally lost all sense of buoyancy
Caring, loving, compassion, what are they?
I am desiccated and lifeless, brittle inside
I no longer subsist in the world today
To heed my rhythm dawdling to the edge
I merely expire beneath this wasted life.

© March 20 2009

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