This is the story of two people, Love and Hope.
Directed by Hope.
Illustrated by Love.
Written by Both.

At First

At first there was a guy, named Hope.
Hope was a nice guy that kept to himself.
Hope knew that there was a person out there that he wanted to meet, but he didn’t know where.

The Idea

Hope then got an idea.
Hope remembered this person that he had met a long time ago on the Internet.
Hope thought that if he just looked around he would find Love.

It Didn’t Work

With much effort he searched every where Hope could think of.
But Love was no where to be found.
But just as Hope was about to give up.

Another Idea

Hope had another idea.
If Hope met one person then he could meet another.
There had to be another person out there that could make him feel complete

No Such Luck

For weeks Hope went into chat rooms looking.
Only to find people that were only interested in cyber-sex or phone sex or whatever sex you could think of.

Final Idea

Hope was ready to give up when he had his final idea.
It was Hope’s last thought and if it didn’t work then he would give up.
Hope decided to post an ad, something he had never done before.

The Responses

Hope received a few responses to his ad, but they seemed to be only interested in the same things that the others were.
Hope was just about ready to give up.

A Great Response

Then finally Hope was looking through some mail and he opened one that caught his eye.
As Hope read the mail he found himself very interested.

He Thinks Love Is The One

Hope returns her email and finds out that they have a lot in common.
Hope is very excited.
Hope cannot wait until he can have a conversation with Love.


Her name is Love.
Love is a warm and caring person, and Hope could tell from the start that she was different.
But there was still a problem.

He Can’t Seem To Contact Love

As always there seems to be a problem.
Hope just can’t seem to catch Love online.
But Hope is not giving up that easy, he will find a way.

They Email Each Other

Hope is happy because he is able to Email Love and she always responds.
But Hope is still trying to find a way to talk to Love online.
But for now they are playing tag.


They finally reach each other by Email and converse.
They are talking when Hope tries to find out how would he be able to talk to Love now without using Email.


Love has an answer.
Love has ICQ, and Hope was determined to get it also so he could talk to her.
Love tells him where to go and get it and how to use it.

A Winner

Hope finally gets to talk to Love one on one and it is wonderful.
Love and the way she responds to Hope captured him.
Love is everything he hoped for and more.

The Key

As they talk Hope feels himself falling for Love.
Love has this magic hold on him.
And with that Love has the key to his heart.

A Joyous Time

Hope finds himself thinking of Love and wanting to talk to her all the time.
This is a great moment for him.
Hope is in love.

Love And Hope

And from that point on he has felt that he was meant to find Love.
Or was it Love was meant to find Hope?

© March 2000 

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