(moonlight sonata plays in the background)

-mumbles to self-

I don't know what's become of me,
Am I lost in this earthly realm I see?
I want to run – I want to flee,
I want to find the peace filled key.

-screams into the night-

My soul, my heart, my mind-
Traces of chaotic glimpses I find!

Why, oh, why, must this be?
This wretched darkness that's taken over me?

I see the love right before my eyes-
Yet, I feel the mist covered disguise!

I would strangle myself without a doubt-
If I had any self driven clout!

But, I’m too weak – too weak-
My tears fall fast and streak – they streak!

-whispers to the moon-

Why can't I feel my ever beating heart?
That once grabbed you from the start?


All I hear now is the wind howling at me,
Yelling, “Let it be! Let it be!”

Have I grown stark raving mad?
Did I lose all the composure I had?

What are of these ramblings in my head?
Words that I so often dread?

Toss them all far, far away-
Before my life falls in vast decay!

-mumbles to fade-


Conceal my woes with your velvety night
Lull me from this evening’s plight
For now, it seems I have lost the fight
But hope will come with first mornings light.

© July 21 2010

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