In a world full of darkness, fires and rage I hide amongst the walls of charcoal gray. He is coming for me I can feel his icy hands approaching and the breath of a thousand souls sing. As the thoughts in my mind fleeted here and there; peeping out of the destroyed window into a sky of red and black. I hear his laughter and he wants me to be his Queen. I shutter, seeing the shadow of his wings against the brick building across the way. I dare not move frightened that he might hear me; but it doesn’t matter for he can smell my essence and my fear. And as suddenly as my thought, he appeared in the window frame. My screams were cut off by his laughter of joyous pleasures. Full of anger, he glowed like the fire from the sun. He had black, scarred wings that could outstretch and capture ten souls at once. His body designed as humans and no horns or tail to speak of. HE walks slowly toward me as I scurry backward on hands and feet. He was there and grabbed me in an instant. "You cannot escape me, for I am eternal and you are weak." I whimpered and he smiled. "I don't want this." I squirmed. But he held me tighter, "It is too late for you, for your dark side has revealed your true nature." His eyes flashed a luminescent crimson and he leaned down and bit my neck, reaches into my chest and drew out my soul. I fell to the floor convulsing. "You now are mine," as his laughter echoed of many voices. My insides burned like heat searing my skin. My organs expanded and contracted; I thought they would explode and then as suddenly as it came on it was gone and all I felt was the cold. I had no fear, no happiness, just rage and an inner desire to destroy. "Rise, My Queen," his words demanding. My head snaps in his direction and I feel myself lift without effort. I wander over to him; he holds out his hand and gathers me to him. Our kiss was passionate. I don't ever remember having a kiss this erotic. I can hear screams from far away, like my hearing had superseded any natural law. He tosses me against the wall and we begin making love, not anything I have ever felt before. I throw him to the floor and just as our peek rises I feel wings burst out of my shoulders and expand. I was now forever his Queen and damned to a desolate world that he created. We take flight and I can see the destruction of the land and the people and my laughter that echoes with a thousand voices.


***I can only assume that he was Satan, perhaps one of his minions for the evil I felt in this dream/nightmare was beyond what I can express. I have had this dream/nightmare many times, never once altering. Until, I at one time almost died and turned myself over to God. Then the dream/nightmare was no more.


© April 17 2010

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