The Trinity, I never knew there was such a thing until I started taking a spiritual course. Three people, but truly only one. Who is God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit? To me they are all one in the same. They came to me when I asked. They help me with my problems and listen without judgment. They will always love me for me, no matter what...unconditionally.

We are human, with human emotions in a world that doesn't truly belong to us. We make decisions based on our emotions rather than asking The Trinity what HE feels we should do.

The wars, the terrorists, the Tribunal Government. It's all a spiritual war between The Trinity and Satan and we are chess pieces. But who will make it to "Checkmate" first?

We all have different religions, different paths. We all believe in different Gods and/or Goddesses. There are different beliefs, i.e., Pagans, Wiccans, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, more than I can list. But it all comes down to who makes the rules.

Where does our spirituality come from? From within us, our heart and soul. Who lives through us? Jesus is my main belief. God is our father, our husband, our best friend. Jesus lives through us to help guide us in the right path when we ask HIM. The Holy Spirit, an entity which is one with Jesus and God, who translates our prayers to God so HE can fulfill our requests, answer our questions and to listen to our hearts desires.

We here on Earth are merely spirits in skin. Do we truly exist? I often thought I was only the imagination of someone else, fulfilling their thoughts. I am! The Trinity!

Where will we go after we pass away. I believe I, my spirit, will reside with God. To do HIS will, as I am to do HIS will here on Earth. The day will come when this spiritual war will end and all that we know will cease to exist. Where will you be when the time comes?

© June 12 2004 

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